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AJMC Center for Biosimilars: How to Encourage Biosimilar Uptake, Cultural Changes and Formulary Placement


A deep dive into the future of biosimilars: In this In this exclusive 2-part video interview for AJMC’s Center for Biosimilars, editor Matthew Gavidia speaks with PRECISIONvalue’s Ryan Cox to discuss what employers can do to encourage biosimilar uptake, the cultural changes that are needed to make it happen, and whether midsize employers can participate in payer discussions on formulary placement.


Value Transformation: Observations on the Third Annual Evaluation Report of the Oncology Care Model

2020-10-02T16:37:52+00:00Thought Leadership|

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced its third annual evaluation report of the Oncology Care Model in July 2020, covering performance periods 1-3 activities and results. Precision’s Maureen Hennessey and Larry Blandford update observations from earlier reports, focusing on potential opportunities for improvement in utilization and other performance metrics including end-of-life care, depression and pain/oncology care integration, and application of continuous quality improvement methods.


Contributor: Steps Health Professionals Can Take to Reduce Inequality in Health Outcomes

2020-09-24T20:13:57+00:00Thought Leadership|

By Meena Venkatachalam, MSc , Jason Shafrin, PhD

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the inequality in health outcomes in the United States center stage. What can the healthcare industry do to begin to address disparities in health outcomes? Precision’s Jason Shafrin and Meena Venkatachalam discuss how improving the representativeness of clinical trials and updating our value assessment frameworks can help improve health outcomes for the most disadvantaged in our society.


Four Ways Pharma Can Use Digital To Keep Patients The Central Focus

2020-09-14T21:48:23+00:00Thought Leadership|

In 2001 the Institute of Medicine named patient centered care one of six keys to delivering high-quality care. How can pharma companies keep patients center stage while in the midst of a digital transformation? Precision’s Marty Samples discusses the four fundamentals of patient-centered care and how pharma marketers can use digital to execute on them.


Opportunities and Challenges of Value-Based Health Care: How Brazil Can Learn from U.S. Experience

2020-09-14T21:46:01+00:00Thought Leadership|

The Brazilian health system, a mix of private and public payers, predominantly relies on a fee for service model. In order to meet the health care needs of a growing population but also control spending, Brazil needs to evolve its payment models toward value-based health care. Precision’s Jeremy Schafer and 2iM Inteligencia Medica’s Cesar Abicalaffe analyze the lessons the Brazilian healthcare system can learn from the United States, where value-based care is slowly but surely becoming the norm.


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