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On-Demand Webinar – Make Market Access Your Brand’s Super Power

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Doctors say it to sales reps all the time: “I like your drug and want to write it, but I can’t.” Where does your rep go from there?

New research indicates that 50% of an HCPs’ prescribing decision is based on their perception of accessibility. (But perception and reality can be two vastly different things.)

Marketers can’t change how accessible their products are, but they can change how HCPs view their brands’ accessibility on healthcare plans. In this webinar, you’ll hear about:

  • The most threatening market access challenges pharma brand leaders face today
  • Real-world stories of how top brands overcome these challenges and grow market share
  • Tangible tactics you can quickly implement to start making pull-through headway fast

This solution-focused, truth-packed session is a great fit for market access marketers, brand marketers and sales leaders who are interested in making their brands’ market access a top advantage over the competition.


On-Demand Webinar – Paying for Prevention? Payer Access Challenges and Solutions for Preventative Gene Therapies

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In this upcoming one-hour webinar, PRECISONadvisors Vice President Richard Macaulay will moderate a lively discussion with our panel of European payer experts as they examine the next generation of gene therapies, and weigh considerations for policy makers as well as manufacturers.

Issues to be discussed by the panel will include:

-Gene therapy treatments for diseases that take years to develop (e.g. Huntington’s Disease, Prion diseases)
-Gene Therapies to prevent development of diseases in genetically susceptible individuals (e.g. early-onset familial Alzheimer’s disease)
-Gene therapies to be used in utero (with the potential to treat lethal and morbid perinatal diseases before birth, as well as potentially using existing gene therapies much earlier in disease progression).

The discussion will conclude with a live Q&A.


From Volume-to-Value—The Critical Role of EHR

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Today more than 90% of healthcare professionals are on an Electronic Health Records (EHR), and more than five hours of an eight-hour day are spent in the EHR. In parallel, life sciences companies have become increasingly aware of the ability to harness EHR data to solve for numerous challenges both in the pre-approval and post-commercialization arenas. Precision’s Ross Maclean, Matt Pitzel, Thad Nowakowski and Tim Van Aken discuss four examples of innovative applications that are gaining traction.

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Emerging Threats to Health Equity

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Policy changes that expanded enrollment in Medicaid and Health Exchange plans are at risk. Precision’s Cynthia Miller and Maureen Hennessey discuss why discontinuing the policy changes will contribute to health inequities in myriad ways, and identify the essential role pharmaceutical companies can play in mitigating the impact.


Current State and Outlook for Digital Therapeutics in Europe

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In this new downloadable brief, PRECISIONadvisors experts Katherine Leong and David Carr provide a quick overview of the current digital therapeutics landscape in Europe, taking a closer look at the rapidly-expanding list of interventions as well as the varied ways that EU countries are approaching policy, regulation and reimbursement. Katherine and David also do some forecasting looking at the future outlook for access across Europe, and provide some considerations for manufacturers and suggestions for overall pricing and reimbursement strategies.

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Progression-free survival and quality of life in metastatic breast cancer: The patient perspective

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While treatment advances have improved overall survival in some metastatic breast cancer (mBC) subtypes, there remains no cure for mBC. Considering the use of progression-free survival and other surrogate endpoints in clinical trials, it’s useful to understand patient perspectives on measures used to assess treatment efficacy. Precision’s Suepattra May-Slater co-authored an important paper exploring global patient perceptions and their potential relation to quality of life, identifying considerations for the design and conduct of future clinical trials in mBC, as well as HTA and reimbursement decision-making, to better capture the potential value of a therapeutic innovation.

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