Experts Discuss How Expanding Traditional Value Frameworks Can Address Inequities in Health Outcomes


Expanding traditional value frameworks to include inequality and the factors that contribute to inequality is the first step to addressing disparities in health outcomes. In this exclusive AMJC video interview by Matthew Gavidia, PRECISIONheor’s Jason Shafrin and Meena Venkatachalam discuss how utilizing multi-criteria decision analysis and distributional cost effect analysis can assist in deriving data and taking action on these issues.


On-demand Webinar: A Novel Method to Improve Validity and Relevance Of Indirect Comparisons and Network Meta-Analysis


Watch PRECISIONheor’s Jeroen Jansen, and partner David Phillippo, as they provide an introduction to a novel method, called multilevel network meta-regression (ML-NMR). The method addresses several limitations with current methods, including synthesizing networks of any size and availability of IPD or aggregate studies, and – crucially for decision-making – producing estimates in any target population of interest.


Precision Medicine Group has a new website!


With the discipline of precision medicine as the foundation, Precision Medicine Group has Precision for Medicine’s next-gen clinical development and Precision Value & Health’s industry leading commercialization working together to accelerate the delivery of life science innovations. Visit the new Precision Medicine Group website, and see how we’re moving science closer to health.


On-demand Webinar: Using HEOR Methods to Reduce Health Inequalities


Current social and political events have brought renewed attention to the levels of systemic inequalities faced by millions of minorities in the United States and around the world. Adding to the discussion, Precision will explore how innovative health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) methods can be leveraged to quantify the full value new treatments that improve health outcomes for underserved communities.


On-Demand Webinar: Gene Therapies In Hemophilia


As the first ‘big wave’ in the gene therapy space, onetime potentially curative treatments for hemophilia present a potential revolution for many thousands of patients. However, so far, gene therapies have targeted smaller indications and the prospect of treating much higher numbers at the price benchmarks already set may prove challenging for payers and health systems to provide access.


On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing Product Launch Market Access strategy and Gross-to-Net Modeling


Join Precision and Akara Group for a special live, online discussion of best practices for pre-launch commercialization activities. Featuring Precision’s Brett DiNatale, learn about the latest advances in data, analytics, and technology, and understand how these latest advances can be used to improve decisions that impact GTN.


On-Demand Webinar: Stay Ahead of Shifting Coverage Trends — What Is Happening and How to Address It


Historic unemployment rates have dramatically shifted healthcare coverage trends as a result of COVID-19. Join our upcoming live webinar on Wednesday, July 15th, 12:00 PM EDT, with PRECISIONadvisors’ Greg Gregory and Eddie Vogel, and learn we can address the impact of these shifts, and help support your teams’ ability to answer tough questions moving forward.


Webinar: HR Life Sciences Virtual Event


Precision’s Kelly Wilder will be participating in HR Life Sciences’ fire-side chat on racial justice. The event is bringing together senior HR life science innovators to cover a range of topics currently affecting HR strategy, from the global COVID-19 pandemic to the uprising against racial injustice in the United States and around the world to the return to work and teleworking.


MassBio Webinar With PRECISIONadvisors: Do You Have An Actionable Market Access Strategy?


Do you have an actionable market access strategy? Join MassBio on June 24, 2020 | 12:00 PM EDT – 1:00 PM EDT for a special live, online forum featuring PRECISIONadvisor’s Christian Bennett. Joining a panel of pharma market access decision-makers, Christian will participate in a discussion focused on creating and executing a winning market access strategy from start to finish.


New FDA HCEI and PIE Guidelines Released: Are You Prepared? Sign up for our Free, Live Webinar Today!

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On Wednesday, September 26th at 10:00am PDT/1:00pm EDT please join us for a special, live webinar:

Navigating the FDA’s Final Guidance on HCEI and PIE:
Value Communication That Works 

Presented by:

Ross Maclean, MD, PhD
Vice President,
Head of Medical Affairs
Ami Gopalan, PharmD, MBA
Vice President, Director,
Payer Access Solutions


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