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Webinar: A Novel Method to Improve Validity and Relevance Of Indirect Comparisons and Network Meta-Analysis


Join PRECISIONheor’s Jeroen Jansen, and partner David Phillippo, on Thursday, September 10th, 12:00pm EDT, as they provide an introduction to a novel method, called multilevel network meta-regression (ML-NMR). The method addresses several limitations with current methods, including synthesizing networks of any size and availability of IPD or aggregate studies, and – crucially for decision-making – producing estimates in any target population of interest.


Creating Incentives To Narrow The Gap In Health Outcomes: Expanding Value Assessment To Incorporate Health Inequality

2020-08-06T16:48:02+00:00Thought Leadership|

Although there is a universal acknowledgement that health inequalities need to be addressed, the question is “How?” Precision’s Jason Shafrin and Meena Venkatachalam explain that simply incentivizing research and development efforts to create new drugs in therapeutic areas that disproportionately impact minorities won’t resolve the problem. Rather, we need to change traditional value assessment frameworks to move towards equity in health outcomes.


Webinar: Using HEOR Methods to Reduce Health Inequalities


Current social and political events have brought renewed attention to the levels of systemic inequalities faced by millions of minorities in the United States and around the world. Adding to the discussion, Precision will explore how innovative health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) methods can be leveraged to quantify the full value new treatments that improve health outcomes for underserved communities.


Webinar: Gene Therapies In Hemophilia


As the first ‘big wave’ in the gene therapy space, onetime potentially curative treatments for hemophilia present a potential revolution for many thousands of patients. However, so far, gene therapies have targeted smaller indications and the prospect of treating much higher numbers at the price benchmarks already set may prove challenging for payers and health systems to provide access.


COVID-19 Pandemic Vindicates the ISPOR Value Flower

2020-07-17T20:27:36+00:00Thought Leadership|

By Kathy Lang, PhD; Jason Shafrin, PhD

What is the right price for a new treatment for COVID-19: ISPOR’s “value flower” or the traditional QALYs approach? Precision’s Jason Shafrin, Kathy Lang and Ross Maclean discuss why the “value flower” model can more accurately value treatments – in cases like COVID-19 – which have a transformational impact on the lives of not only of patients, but also caregivers, employers, and broader society.


IDNs and Employers Are Seeking Savings By Cutting Out Health Insurer ‘Middlemen’

2020-07-17T20:11:01+00:00Thought Leadership|

As more Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and employers move towards contracting directly with each other for health care services, the ripple effects are being felt in the supply chain and in old relationships with other players, including PBMs and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Precision’s Avi Mamidi discusses the benefits and obstacles of cutting out health insurance middlemen and moving towards direct employer-IDN partnerships.


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