In the last five years, 83 novel oncology substances have launched – oncology PMPM spend is now the highest among medical benefit categories, with 105% growth anticipated by 2024. As these numbers suggest, oncology is a key area of focus for payers, who are willing to invest resources to support appropriate utilization, but who struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving science.

Join a discussion with PRECISIONvalue’s Access Experience Team (AET), comprised of former payers, to hear their insights on current trends in oncology payer management, payer response, payer management strategies, and the evolution of value-based care.

Moderated by PRECISIONvalue VP and Access Experience Team Director Ryan Cox, this one hour webinar will feature two of Precision’s senior oncology subject matter experts, Janet Serluco and Jennifer Williams.

Attendees of this webinar will come away with an understanding of:

  • The current drivers in oncology spend, including biosimilars and next generation biotherapeutics
  • How the product pipeline reinforces trend continuation
  • New management tools being implemented
  • The future of value-based oncology care

In addition to the expert conversation, a live Q&A will conclude the webinar.