In 2021, PRECISIONvalue launched a proprietary survey of the care management ecosystem (including payers and health systems) and found diabetes to be one of the top conditions for which individuals are referred for care management.

 Efforts to improve outcomes for individuals living with diabetes have been disappointing, with HEDIS performance data remaining relatively stagnant, and 30-40% of plans reporting that their members have HbA1c levels greater than 9%.

Our survey uncovered that addressing social determinants of health was one of the top challenges, but certainly was not the only one. How are factors like the integration of technology into care management, and engaging with patients for better medication adherence impacting care delivery? And what type of support are care managers and manufacturers looking to receive?

Join us as we discuss these issues and more, and unpack what roles the healthcare ecosystem (pharma, device manufacturers, plans/ employers, and health systems) can play in better supporting care management outcomes. The panel will be moderated by PRECISIONvalue’s Charline Shan and feature Jorge Font, Dominic Galante, Maureen Hennessey, and Cynthia Miller.

The discussion will conclude with a live Q&A.