Join us on 7/28 @ 10:30 AM EST | 7:30 AM PDT for “Methodological Borrowing versus Conceptual Blending: Reengineering Health Economics Processes with Modeling and Simulations,” Featuring PRECISIONheor’s Ross Maclean and Anuj Mubayi.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed epidemiologists, modelers, clinicians and policy makers at the forefront of the global discussion of why health decision analysis tools becomes less effective in timely management of new Coronavirus related health-related problems. The main challenges confronting modelling approaches includes real-time projections and managements of resources for healthcare system, quantification of the consequences of changing public health policies, multi-criteria optimization of implementation of adaptive interventions and long-term economic evaluations of prevention strategies.

In this webinar presentation, we will:

  • Provide a brief review on current health economics modeling literature
  • Identify health decision modeling challenges associated with developing appropriate models and fine-tuning data collection
  • Describe a set of novel multiresolution modeling frameworks which borrows effective methods from other disciplines, constructs a multiple criteria problem, and considers relevant stakeholders’ perspective to carry out future evaluation and prediction in health economics.

The discussion will conclude with a live Q&A.