Expanding upon his presentation at the recent World EPA Congress, moderator Richard Macaulay and Precision Value & Health have assembled a unique panel of payers from UK, Germany, and Italy, plus experts within Precision to address how innovative reimbursement strategies for cell and gene therapies (C&GTs) will evolve.

C&GTs were forecast to pose significant payer challenges due to their transformational, long-term potential patient benefits from single treatments, but having limited clinical data available at launch. However, to date, several high-cost C&GTs have achieved rapid and broad reimbursement across major payer bodies. Nevertheless, the C&GT environment is changing with an increasing focus towards larger indications with relatively lower unmet needs alongside the potential for increased competition with multiple C&GTs launching in the same indication.

Join us for this webinar, which will bring payer representatives from the UK (Andrew Walker), Germany (Frank-Ulrich Fricke), and Italy (Gianluigi Casadei) alongside an industry representative to discuss how payers will respond to this changing C&GT landscape and how manufacturers can proactively mitigate their strategies, including:

  • Will payer concerns over C&GT increasingly move from uncertainty over long-term benefits to affordability?
  • How innovative reimbursement models for C&GTs have worked to date and where the future direction of travel may take us?
  • How will payers respond to having several competing gene or cell therapies in the same indication?
  • How divergent will manufacturer approaches need to be across different payers and countries?

The discussion will conclude with a live Q&A.