Historic unemployment rates have dramatically shifted healthcare coverage trends as a result of COVID-19. Join our upcoming live webinar on Wednesday, July 15th, 12:00 PM EDT, with PRECISIONadvisors’ Greg Gregory and Eddie Vogel, and learn we can address the impact of these shifts, and help support your teams’ ability to answer tough questions moving forward.

As a result of COVID-induced job losses, it is estimated that 27 million people could lose employer-sponsored insurance and become uninsured.

Among those who become uninsured after job loss, there is expected to be significant movement away from the commercial channel toward the Medicaid and insurance exchanges.

Precision has been monitoring this trend and analyzing its impact to pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers on multiple fronts, including the erosion of gross-to-net, altering patient willingness to pay, and reprioritizing use of support services, among others.

In this webinar, join a conversation around how we can:

  •  Assess the impact of COVID-induced shifts in patient coverage for your specific pipeline and in-line brands
  • Outline the key questions manufacturers need to address to get ahead of access challenges caused by shifting coverage
  • Discuss ways Precision can support your teams’ ability to answer these tough questions
  • And much more!

Moderated by Harry Grant Schiavi, Managing Partner & EVP for PRECISIONadvisors, join us as we explore how to best adapt your market access strategy to mitigate economic pressures during and post-COVID.