Video: This Medical Moment

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Are you looking for new ways to get your pharma brand in front of your critical HCP targets? Consider tapping into digital opinion leaders (DOLs). “With DOLs, there’s a notable increase in interactivity and back-and-forth discussions creating a ripple effect of their influence,” says Read Roberts, PRECISIONscientia’s Director of KOL Data Solutions. Watch the latest episode of This Medical Moment as Read delves into the transformative power of DOLs in the pharma industry.


Video: Cardiac Disease Prevention

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While statins have transformed cardiovascular disease prevention, patients with a lesser-known type of lipid disease called elevated lipoprotein(a) (Lp[a]) face unique challenges. Recent clinical trials exploring Lp(a)-targeting medications show promise, yet proactive screening practices vary. Cynthia Miller, MD, MPH, FACP, Vice President, Medical Director, sits down with DocWire News and shares insights on the significance of early Lp(a) screening, strategies to enhance preventative cardiology, and optimize patient care.


PRECISIONadvisors Recognized as a Vault Top Ranked Consulting Firm

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PRECISIONadvisors has been recognized as a Vault Top Ranked Consulting Firm! This marks PRECISIONadvisors’ inaugural appearance on the prestigious Vault Consulting 50 list, which evaluates firms based on confidential employee input covering aspects such as workplace culture and quality of life.​

The firm secured rankings in four distinct categories:​

  • Vault Consulting 50 North America​
  • Best Boutique Consulting Firms​
  • Best Consulting Firms for Women​
  • Best Consulting Firms for Formal Training​

Access90: Inflation Reduction Act Insight Series – Payer Controls: Question Two: How Could Manufacturers Adapt Their Approach to Patient Access?

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Higher premiums. Increased brand exclusions. Limited treatment populations. Payers may deploy an arsenal of defenses against rising drug costs—and manufacturers should adapt to support patient access. Dominic Galante, Chief Medical Officer PRECISIONvalue, shares thoughts on effective strategies in this short Access90 video.


Access90: Inflation Reduction Act Insight Series – Payer Controls: Two Key Questions Answered

2024-02-04T14:04:03+00:00News, Thought Leadership|

Patients already look beyond their prescription benefits for ways to pay. As cost-sharing rises and payer formulary controls and exclusions expand, patient demand for new solutions will grow. PRECISIONvalue Chief Medical Officer Dominic Galante discusses the future of access management in this Access90 video.


PRECISIONadvisors New Office Opening in London

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The PRECISIONadvisors team is looking forward to welcoming clients and Precision colleagues to their new office opening this week. The client networking event includes a panel discussion on the evolving marketing access environment in the UK featuring Andrew Walker, David Watson and Neil Grubert. Reach out to Richard Macaulay to attend!

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