Have you considered using NICE Scientific Advice (SA) to inform your evidence development, trial design, and/or economic modelling? Are you familiar with the concept of NICE SA, but have no direct experience? Or have you used the process before, but want to learn how to optimise your use of it?

Join PRECISIONadvisors on July 26 at 9am EST for a complimentary webinar, as we share our experience with NICE SA in a pragmatic discussion of what it can do for you, and best practices for getting the most from NICE SA.

Our presentation will cover:

  • Introduction
    • An overview of what NICE SA is, entails, and offers
  • Strategic best practices
    • Question development
    • Timing of seeking advice
    • Economic model considerations
    • Optimizing the NICE meeting
  • Practical briefing book development guidance
    • How this is much more than development of a Word document
    • Including an actionable list of dos and don’ts

Audience Q&A will follow this 45 minute panel discussion.