Patient support programs, like HUB services, Patient Assistance Programs (PAP), Bridge programs or copay support, have become increasingly important in making prescription drugs more affordable and accessible. Yet an IQVIA study found that 31% of patients abandon their prescription if a coupon is not available compared with only 12% of new patients walked away from their prescriptions if a copay coupon was available to them.

Prescription abandonment continues to be a significant issue.

In this insightful webinar from PRECISIONxtract, you’ll hear how life science brand leaders can leverage EHR systems to dramatically increase successful enrollment for patient support programs.

Attendees will hear about:

  • What are the primary barriers and challenges to patient support program enrollment?
  • How to take advantage of EHR functionality for patient support program enrollment (most of the information needed to enroll patients already resides in the EHR!)
  • Advantages of optimizing EHR for enhanced patient support (accelerated ordering and external testing, increased adherence and more)
  • And how this technology can be used beyond patient support program enrollment

Join us for this unique, solution-based discussion— a great fit for pharma manufacturers looking to get their brands’ patient resources in front of HCPs where those HCPs are in the moment of care — inside the EHR!