A number of legislative events are shaping the managed care landscape in 2022. These events range from broad reaching initiatives outlined in Biden’s Build Back Better Framework to proposals for promoting adoption of biosimilars to Medicare’s Advance Notice for the 2023 benefit year and discussions around Part D re-design as well as others.

Join us for a conversational webinar where Precision’s experts Analyze the Impact of Key Legislative Events on the Payer Landscape.  This discussion will break down various legislative proposals and examine how payers across various payer types could potentially respond as a means to adapt to regulatory changes.  Our Experts will Discuss:

  • Recent legislative actions and proposals from 2021 and 2022 that are forecasted to take effect within the near future
  • Pros and cons of these proposals from the payer perspective
  • An impact review across key stakeholders across the payer landscape including patients, providers, drug manufacturers, and various payer types
  • Potential responses from payers and the likelihood of success for legislative proposal implementation

The discussion will conclude with a live Q&A .