The shift from fee-for-service to value-based care has been undeniably gaining momentum over the past few years. However, 2020 brought an incredible influx of factors that were not previously accounted for… To keep a finger on the pulse, Precision developed and fielded a new proprietary survey to see how the healthcare landscape, as well as health systems and payers, are adapting to the new challenges and opportunities posed as a result. Today, we’re here to share those survey results with you.

Join us for the webinar Oncology Care in a Value-Based World which will highlight the activities and needs of payers and providers as they strive to deliver high-quality oncology care in a value-based environment. In this presentation, KOLs with market access, population health, and EMR experience will share the ways in which payers and health systems are supporting a value-based approach to oncology through care initiatives, technology, and access to innovative therapies.

Our experts will share:

  • The most important care initiatives deployed by payers and health system to support value-based oncology care, including which initiatives are considered to be the most effective, which pose the greatest challenges, and which require collaboration
  • The impact that COVID-19 has had on oncology care from the provider and payer perspective
  • How payers and providers are using EMRs in oncology, and the greatest opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers to offer support
  • The greatest challenges posed by cell and gene therapies, and what payers and providers need from pharmaceutical manufacturers to support adoption of these innovative therapies

The discussion will conclude with a live Q&A.