Maureen Hennessey, Senior Vice President, Director of Quality and Population Health Solutions for Precision for Value, will be giving a presentation on oncology quality at the 10th Annual Oncology Economics Forum, to be held on July 20th and 21st, 2017 at the Hilton Philadelphia (Penn’s Landing) in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Hennessey’s presentation will take place at 3:30pm on July 20th.

The 10th Annual Oncology Economics Forum brings together top experts within the oncology arena to discuss how the oncology marketplace is being impacted by the rapidly changing healthcare economic environment and provides key insight regarding the most current issues that are critical to the cancer patient, the oncology provider, the payer, and the manufacturer. The year’s event will include the latest perspectives from healthcare experts regarding the most critical issues surrounding payer coverage, reimbursement and pricing issues, and policy decisions impacting access to cancer care.  Dr. Hennessey, PhD, CPCC, will address the forum on the “Government Impact on Oncology Management: Stars, MACRA, and the Oncology Care Model.”

 In recent years, a convergence of factors—including rapidly escalating costs of care—have given rise to new approaches to cancer care management.  As a result, oncology has become “ground zero” in the evolution from traditional fee-for-service payment systems to alternative models based on value and quality. What approaches are proving to be most successful or promising for achieving the goals of better care, smarter spending, and optimal patient outcomes?

Dr. Hennessey will provide an overview of existing and emerging oncology care management methods, including payer-level strategies (e.g., screening for early intervention, episode of care payments) and government initiatives (e.g., the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s Oncology Care Model) that are changing the oncology landscape by adding payer elements into providers’ decision making.  Further, as the Quality Payment Program established by the MACRA legislation prepares for its second year, Dr. Hennessey will discuss proposed changes for the program and its impact on pharmaceutical manufacturers and their customers providing oncology patient care.

To view the complete Forum agenda, please click here.