Precision is proud to have published our inaugural 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts to do better for our people, in our practices, and with the broader community at large. This year’s report shares key achievements, performance metrics, and steps we have taken to enhance sustainability throughout the company, including:

· Engaging internal and external stakeholders in our company’s first ESG materiality assessment to identify and prioritize our material issues

· Defining Precision’s approach to ESG in our company’s ESG Strategy Statement · Creating a three-year strategic ESG Roadmap for advancing our performance across environmental, social, and governance issues · Initiating energy efficiency projects and standards across our facilities

· Implementing implicit bias training for our Executive Leadership Team and Human Resources leaders

· Contributing volunteer hours by over 425 employees and over $250,000 in donations to more than 70 charitable foundations and causes

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