Recent acquisition of veteran pharmaceutical market consultancy Oncology Reimbursement Management propels and further elevates Precision’s oncology commercialization solutions.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – March 9, 2022 – PRECISIONxtract, a Precision Value & Health team,  announced the launch of OncoGenius, a new digital data and analytic-based solution that provides life science company leaders access to third-party information about oncology provider drug preferences and management. The launch was facilitated by the acquisition earlier this year of Oncology Reimbursement Management (ORM), a specialty consulting and research services company to the oncology pharmaceutical market. Combining ORM’s veteran expertise and depth of market research data with PRECISIONxtract’s proven ability to transform data into products, OncoGenius delivers actionable insights and further expands Precision’s leadership in accelerating the value that life science companies can realize from data.

OncoGenius unlocks longitudinal provider data and market research, delivering dynamic insights to oncology innovators based on segment or account. With OncoGenius, brand and market access leaders gain insight into the formularies, treatment plans, and clinical pathways that are influencing prescribing decisions related to their products and competing products.

ORM’s cofounders Bruce Edelen and Ron Schleif bring a wealth of oncology experience and have trusted relationships with almost 100 leading healthcare organizations across the United States  “I know that I speak for the entire PRECISIONxtract team that we are very excited by the addition of Bruce and Ron to our group,” commented Bruce Leavitt, President of PRECISIONxtract. “They bring a unique value to life science companies with their rare combination of oncology commercialization savvy and very strong relationships with oncology providers. With PRECISIONxtract’s access to longitudinal provider level data, OncoGenius enables enhanced insights, facilitated by the depth of our data, and the ability to scale and serve oncology pharma clients.”

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