Join us on Thursday, 10/21 @ 1:00 PM ET for this engaging webinar with PQA Quality Forum,  featuring PRECISIONvalue’s Maureen Hennessey.

In a recent poll PRECISIONvalue conducted of plans, health systems, PBMs and oncology practices on evolving care management roles, many reported that engaging patients for better medication adherence was very or extremely challenging.

Despite these challenges, half or less reported using evidence-based methods, such as:

  • Analytics to identify likely non-adherence
  • Technology to monitor adherence
  • Motivational interviewing and shared decision making to activate adherence.

This raises intriguing questions about the ways in which care managers and pharmacists leverage evidence-based methodologies to address medication adherence challenges.

This PQA Quality Forum webinar will share PRECISIONvalue’s survey data and insights from emocha Health and Northwell Health, who use technology such as virtual direct observation therapy and remote therapeutic monitoring, along with non-digital techniques such as motivational interviewing, to improve adherence. The panel will also highlight the pharmacist’s role in the patient care team in recognition of National Pharmacy Week.