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The Health Care Ecosystem and Social Determinants of Health: Surveys Suggest the State is Set for Novel Combinations

2020-02-18T15:38:13+00:00Thought Leadership|

Precision for Value, Senior Vice President, Director of Value Transformation, Maureen Hennessey brings her personal experience to bear in this important Journal of Clinical Pathwaysˆ article on the social determinants of health—exploring where things stand now and opportunities for improvement.

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CBO says Proposed Rebate Rule Will Cost Government $177B


HHS wants to eliminate drug rebates in Medicare Part D and Medicaid managed care. But the CBO projects the resulting higher premiums will cost the government dearly. In an AIS Health, Radar on Specialty Pharmacy article, Jeremy Schafer, Precision for Value Senior Vice President, Access Experience, weighs in on the potential impact of the rule, and what that means for its future. (more…)

Generic Advair May Help COPD Costs, but Management is Tough


When high out-of-pocket costs spur noncompliance that leads to increased hospitalization, payers take notice. Using therapies for COPD as a case in point, AIS Health, Radar on Drug Benefits interviews Precision for Value Vice President, Access Experience, Charline Shan about the strategies payers may take to lower costs for their beneficiaries—and themselves.


Getting Personal with Precision Medicine


The definition of personalized medicine has expanded beyond tailored medical treatment to encompass drug development, care delivery and consumer engagement—while precision medicine refers to the tailoring of medical treatment to the characteristics of a patient subpopulation. This PharmaVoice cover story explores the distinctions, the challenges and the implications, including insights from Precision for Medicine’s own Chad Clark.  

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