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Machine Learning In Clinical Trials: What Will The Future Hold (And What’s Holding Us Back)?

2020-02-18T15:38:12+00:00Thought Leadership|

Machine learning is the subset of AI that is related to the development of algorithms that can make accurate predictions of future outcomes via pattern recognition and rules-based logic. Such use of logic and algorithms can improve patient selection, provide predictive long-term outcomes, and reduce the time and cost in the execution of clinical trials.

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Precision Experts Discuss Evolution of Hub Services in Journal of Clinical Pathways

2020-02-18T15:38:12+00:00Thought Leadership|

In the latest edition of Journal of Clinical Pathways, Precision experts Chris Dillon, Chrysanthe Peteros and Larry Blandford examine the expanding role of hub support services in the pharmaceutical marketplace, emphasizing their importance as increasingly complex therapies requiring higher degrees of specialization and flexibility are launched.


Zolgensma Adds to SMA Options but Raises Multiple Questions


With the FDA’s approval of Zolgensma, the industry receives another data point in the pricing strategies for new gene therapies. As reported in Radar on Specialty Pharmacy, the two payment options offered by AveXis, makers of Zolgensma, both follow the movement to value-based purchasing. Larry Blandford, executive vice president of Precision Value and Health, discusses the rationale for and potential issues of these strategies.


Show Me The Data: Why Payers Need to See RWE Used in New Indication Approvals

2020-02-18T15:38:12+00:00Thought Leadership|

Is Real-World Evidence to be trusted? Well-documented data can make a difference to both FDA and formulary decision makers, as described by Precision for Value’s Jeremy Schafer, Senior Vice President, Access Experience and Dan Danielson, Senior Director, Access Experience, writing in Managed Healthcare Executive.

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